• LvKa168 Network: New Way of Enjoying Your Holiday and Privileges
    Vacation should neither be glancing at scenery, nor be in the rush;
    Vacation should always stay away from the hustle and bustle, and to meet another world; it should be a perfect embodiment of the natural beauty, a perfect combination of visual, auditory, gustatory and tactile feelings with great environment and distinguished services. The vacation should always be a relaxing experience of our body and mind.
    Lvka168 Network: Travel around The World
    We are the leader of the era of internet services and high quality vacation,
    We have subverted the traditional style of vacation, and we are the first to establish a exclusive travel service platform for the members which is an unique innovation model to integrate the high-quality tourist resort resources.
    Everything we do is to create a membership only exclusive resort.
    Beauty Crown LvKa168 Network, travel around the world
  • LvKa168 Network: Meet Another World, Experience Another Life
    You only need to have a Beauty Crown LvKa card to have a distinguished identity and a pass to the exclusive privilege of the Beauty Crown Resort.
    Beauty Crown LvKa168 Network will provide you the world-class ultra-high-end members exclusive services including food, housing, transportation, travel, shopping and entertainment, all you need to do is become a member of the Beauty Crown LvKa168 network, just as simple as that!
    LvKa168 Network: Meet another world, experience another life
  • LvKa168 Network: Lvka Card in Hand, World in Mine
    For on-line, we have a rich and unique platform system to accommodate the interests of our exclusive members: www.lvka168.com, the website is able to provide high-quality and exclusive one-stop service;
    For off-line, we have set our bases both domestic and international to build a tourist resort with the Beauty Crown brand with our superior quality global service resources and luxury facilities:
    City of Beauty, Sanya Beauty Crown - stunning, luxury hotel with the unique shape of nine trees, the ultimate highlight of the art of architecture, record-breaking number of luxury rooms, a full range of high-end facilities. The charm has made the finals of Miss World Competition ‘settled’ in Sanya for the 6th time.
    Beauty Crown Huangshan Saphenous City - hidden hotel in the mountains, with the whole world in mind
    Beauty Crown Pingtan Thermostat City – Stars and Sea are Shining in China
    New York, Paris, Sydney, Seoul ...... in the future, the Beauty Crown will have 15 tourism cities, and will all become member exclusive vacation destinations. The Beauty Crown LvKa Network, LvKa card in hand, world in mine


Beijing Headquarter Office: F9 Guowei Fortune Building, No.58 Zuojiazhuang Beili, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China


Tel: +86 1064682317

Postcode: 100028

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Address: F9 Guowei Fortune Building, No.58 Zuojiazhuang Beili, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China

Tel: +86 1064682317

Postcode: 100028

Address: Beauty Crown Hotel, No.299 Xinfeng Street, Sanya, Hainan Province


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Address: F7 Wanshang Building, No.85 Wenxin Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province

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Address: No. 2512 Unit 1 Building Gold, Shanghezhidi Plaza, No. 146 East Straight Street, Nangang District, Harbin

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Shenyang Office

Address: Room 6 6F Huafu Plaza, Building 9 Tuanjie Road, Shenhe District, Shenyang

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LvKa Network is a website run and managed by Beijing LvKa Tong Network Technology Company (hereafter referred as "us","we"or "LvKa Tong Company"), the services, ownership, and operation right provided by LvKa Tong Company and all belong to LvKa Tong Company. Before accessing to our website, including using mobile applications or software we provide you, or using our product or service(hereafter as service), please read carefully the content of this statement. Your access to our website or using the service we provide will be deemed as acceptance of the clauses in this statement, otherwise please stop immediately visiting our website or using the service of the website.

1. General Rules

1.1 This statement includes the contents of main body, all kinds of rules and "privacy policies" that have been published or is going to be published. Any inconformity that occurs between the statement and other clauses should be subject to our other clauses; for those are not covered in other clauses should be subject to the main body of statement.

1.2 LvKa Tong Company reserves the right to revise the statement or other clauses, which you should pay attention to on time. The immediate stop of access or using the website service is required if you disagree with our relevant changes. Your continuing access to our website or using the service we provide will be deemed as the acceptance of clauses in this statement.

2. Registration

2.1 After applied for registration you will acquire the right to use your LvKa website account (account name) and need to update your profile on time, besides, you are supposed to keep your account (account name) and password safe. Any operation through your account (account name) and password will be deemed as your personal behavior which you would take the consequences and legal responsibility.

2.2 Once find your account is illegally used, you should inform us in writing immediately to ask for ceasing relevant services. Reasonable time is needed to spend on your request, while for the results which have already been done before certain measures are taken (including but not limited to any of your loss) we will not take any responsibility.

3. Rules of Use

3.1 When using our service, you must abide by relevant Chinese laws and regulations and not use our services to do any illegal or improper activities which include but not limited to the following contents:

3.1.1 Upload, display, post up, spread, publish or transfer any information containing the following contents in other ways:

a) Object to the fundamental principles of the laws

b) Jeopardize national security, divulge national secret, overturn national regime, and destroy national unity.

c) Cause damage to national honor and interests.

d) Incite ethnic hatred or discrimination, damage ethnic unity.

e) Destroy national ethnic policy, advocate heresy or feudalistic superstition.

f) Spread rumors, disturb social orders, and destroy social stability.

g) Spread obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, homicide, horror or encourage crime.

h) Insult or defame others, and infringe legal rights of others.

i) Contain contents that are untrue, harmful, threatening, vulgar, indecent; harass, slanderor would infringe the privacy of others.

j) Contain contents that are restricted or prohibited by Chinese laws and regulations or any other papers with legal effect.

3.1.2 Use our services for any illegal purpose.

3.1.3 Commit any following acts by using our website:

a) Enter computer information internet or use computer information internet resources without permission; delete, revise or add computer information internet functions without permission; delete, revise or add the stored, processed or the transferred data and applications of computer information internet without permission; deliberately produce or spread destructive applications like computer viruses; other acts that would damage internet security of computer information.

b) Make use of any data of our website for business purpose, including but not limited to using the information or data of our website by copying or spreading, etc. without the writing permission of LvKa Tong Company in advance.

c) Interrupt or attempt to interrupt normal operation of our website by using any devices, software or applications, or impose unreasonably large data on internet devices of our website.

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1. Public Welfare of Education

1997, RMB500,000 donation to the establishment of Beijing primary and middle schools teaching and research fund was made to help the use of the fund and support its relevant activities.

2003, RMB200,000 funding was given to the organizing committee of the 28th ICPC (International Collegiate Programming Contest) in Beijing.

June 2007, RMB50,000,000 donation to the establishment of shooting hall in Tsinghua University was made to support the building of high-level student sports team and physical education in Tsinghua University.

August 2007, RMB10,000,000 donation to Peking University was made to support education career of Beijing University.

September 2007, RMB 1,000,000 donation to the "Law Fund of Professor Rui mu" was made to support One Hundred-Year Birthday and Academic Seminar of Mr. Rui Mu.

November 2008, RMB 10,000,000 donation to the establishment of "Chinese Public Law Research Fund" was made to support the law research in Peking University and Beijing Foreign Studies University.

April 2010, RMB15,000,000 donation was made to the establishment of "Prize for Outstanding Chinese in Mathematics and Shing-Tung Yau Prize in Mathematics".

June 2010, donation was made to establish the site and venues of "Sanya International Mathematics Forum".

May 2011, RMB 4,000,000 donation to Chinese Soong Ching-ling foundation was made to provide 190 college students from seven Chinese distressed provinces with RMB5000/person every year for education and living expenses helping them complete their college education.

2. Poverty Alleviation Public Welfare

RMB50000 donation every year to Langeryu village, Liucun town, Changping district has been carried out since the every first foundation of our corporation to help the village overcome poverty and achieve prosperity.

April 2005, RMB100,000 donation was made for the aid of AIDS patients in distressed areas of Youyang Chongqing.

June 2005, RMB1,000,000 donation was made to support the education and life of people in poverty in Dabie Mountain, Anhui.

September 2009, 200 Lenovo computers are donated to farmers in Youyang Chongqing to help them make improvement of their life by acquiring information of wealth online.

3. Other Public Welfares

1998, RMB100,000 donation was made to the establishment of Football club of Beijing athletic committee.

2003, RMB 400,000 donation was made to the precaution and treatment of SARS of Changping government in Chaoyang District Beijing.

2004, RMB 100,000 donation was made to the establishment of shooting branch association of FUSC(Federation of University Sports of China).

2005, RMB500,000 donation was made to support programs of public benefits such as culture and calligraphy exchange meeting for the elder cadres of the State Council.

Privacy Policy of LvKa Website

We attach great importance to the protection of your personal information. Your agreement on the clauses of the privacy policy is needed during your access to or before you use our website; otherwise please stop your access to our website or using the service of our website.

1. Access to Information

We would collect your personal information("PI" in short) under your own choice on using the services and providing information, such as your name, E-mail address, telephone number, order information, transaction record and other identity information. We may preserve information from using habits of some of our users for the better service. We may collect some technology information of your device which will be used to provide better operation experience and may include: IP address, version of operation system, version of browser, display resolution and recommended websites. Besides, we may also acquire your information from other legal resources and add it to our customer information base.

2. The Use of Information

We would develop new service, improve and raise our service quality by collecting information. Meanwhile, these information will also be used to display target advertisments.

3. Authorization

For your better sevice, the following rights are granted to LvKa Tong Company and its related companies by you freely and irrevocably:

3.1 You agree to allow LvKa Tong Compnay to syncronize and use your information and data of registration, transaction/payment and such on LvKa website to our related companies or systems of cooperative partners.

3.2 To ensure the transaction safety, you agree to allow LvKa Tong Company and its related companies to make the business use of the result of data analysis on users information.

3.3 You agree to receive business information from LvKa Tong Company to your email, mobile phone and mailing address. Those information include but not limited to products information, sales information and such. If you do not accept all kinds of information services provided by LvKa Tong Company, you could refuse these information services by related setting provided by LvKa Tong Company, while no setting would be treated as your acceptance.

4. Information Disclosure

You agree that when one of the following condition is fulfilled, LvKa Tong Company could disclose your information to related third parties, of which you would take the consequence and LvKa Tong Company shall not take any responsibility:

4.1 Only by disclosing your information, the products and service you required could be provided by our website or our cooperative partners.

4.2 The disclosure is requested by related laws and regulations.

4.3 The disclosure is requested by relevant government departments.

4.4 Providing information to judical and administrative organs or dispute settlement institutions to protect legal rights and interests of LvKa Tong Company or its users.

4.5 You agree that LvKa Tong Company provide information to the third parties.