Beauty Crown Hotel Complex, Sanya, China is a brand new chapter of landmark buildings of world. In Feb 12, 2014, the hotel complex gathered world-wide attention is presenting in beautiful Sanya of 18 degrees north latitude. This world landmark building is combined with nine fantastic trees which made the most luxury, environmental friendly, intelligent and the most stylish distinguished model in the construction history of the world. The design and construction company of the world top level such as IBM, Daktronics and KCA took part in the construction of the hotel and constructed this greatest masterpiece into a palace of royal luxury and art.

Beauty Crown Hotel Complex is going to create assorted first-class miracles on this world stage. The total construction area is 630,000 square meters with 6668 guest rooms, and gained a place in the world record in which we have one museum hotel, one super deluxe hotel and seven deluxe hotels with Beauty Crown Hotels commercial plaza, Beauty Crown Grand theater, 9000 square meters international multi-functional ballrooms, 7000 square meters international meeting center, all kinds of restaurants gathered delicacies around the world, seven-star international yacht club and international romantic bar street, etc. It is the biggest hotel complex combined with super luxurious hotel, commercial exhibition, luxurious shopping mall, large entertainment, recreation and culture center.

Beauty Crown Grand-Tree Hotel has the neighborhood with water and mountains around. Our hotel adopted the "Tree Structure" architectural style according to the requirements. Each of the three multi-function ballrooms takes 3,300 square meters for each; while 14 various uniquely decorated conference rooms have the capacity of nearly 10,000 people at a time. Our high-qualified integrated conference planning team guarantees you the warm and attentive banquets and a successful conference.

In addition to the magnificently decorated theme restaurants and bars, the carefully delicately built taste of art and the exquisite creative chefs will totally guide you around the world with unlimited inspiration.

Staying in Beauty Crown Grand-Tree Hotel will be an impressive memory of your journey in Sanya.

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Beauty Crown Seven-Star Hotel, being located in the interior of Sanya, is close to the sightseeing spots, shopping and entertainment district. Its premier geographic advantages make sure it is the significant elegant landmark. The remarkable modern building is the right place for you to relax your body.

Whether you are in the mood of enjoying the exquisite tropical landscape, staying in the spacious and comfortable hotel rooms; using recreational facilities and distinctive spas or feasting on the unparalleled dainties, we are all pleased to offer the incomparable service.

Beauty Crown Seven-Star Hotel owns 28 different best restaurants from different areas; you may enjoy your feast and experience the delicacies from all around the world.

The 2,000-square-meter fitness center of Beauty Crown Seven-Star Hotel is the one with the largest area being equipped with video TV sets, heart rate measuring instruments and some other most advanced fitness equipment. You may enjoy the authentic Indian and Thai spa treatments to help loosen the stress.

Beauty Crown Seven-Star Hotel is capable of holding any plush international-standard weddings in the court center, no matter you are longing for the extremely luxurious ballroom or the picturesque outdoor garden. Wholeheartedly, we will definitely create so many special unforgettable moments for you. So, are you ready to pamper yourself? Trust us--Beauty Crown Seven-Star Hotel would be your number one choice!

Moreover, the challenging Boeing Flying Club adds more flavor to your life by allowing you to actualize your dreams of flying in the blue sky as a pilot.

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Beauty Crown Museum Hotel is just another masterpiece from the world-top designing master—Khuan Chew, who has given birth to the incomparable Dubai Burj Al Arab Hotel. Beauty Crown Museum Hotel will become another shining pearl set at the 18°N latitude.

Beauty Crown Museum Hotel ensures you a superb art palace, along with eminent royal service. Here, our hotel is the very resort designed just for you, our honored guests.

Beauty Crown Museum Hotel cooperates with global professional organizations like IBM which rules the intelligence field. We devote ourselves to bring you the extraordinary experience with the global-top intelligent technology. As our distinguished guests, you deserve the worthwhile high-tech as a massive cloud platform.

Beauty Crown Museum Hotel adds another oasis to the world. Here, you could not only touch the luxury and greatness brought by technology, but also feel the peace and comfort given by nature.